Pain relief without side effects with marijuana

Pain relief is one of the primary goals of all those who suffer from various chronic diseases. This is because of the fact that almost all chronic diseases cause some sort of pain. Even if a disease was acute, some patients may be able to withstand the pain. Chronic diseases can cause people to be fed up with the pain and many become depressed. Though there are many pain killers available to get rid of pain, most of them cause serious side effects when used over long periods of time. For example, pain killers can lead to abdominal complications like bleeding from internal organs. Pain killers can also lead to early heart disease, kidney disease and stroke. These can be killer diseases themselves and are precipitated by the use of pain killers.

So, pain relief without any side effects or complications is the primary goal of any doctor who is treating a patient with chronic pain. One unique drug that has recently been researched and identified as a top therapy for chronic pain, but without the side effects is medical marijuana.

Marijuana extract can provide pain relief without side effects:

  1. Marijuana or its exthaze marijuanaract: Marijuana can be consumed as it is or it can be chemically divided into various ingredients. One of the ingredients is THC and it is effective in treating pain. So, medical professionals can either prescribe marijuana or they can prescribe the extract THC for pain relief. Both will have similar effect in relieving even chronic pain.
  2. Low doses are effective in pain relief: It is possible that the low doses of medical marijuana being used for pain relief are the primary reason for the lack of any side effects. Even low doses of this medicine help in pain relief and this is the reason why it is preferred to other medicines. Though a low dose of medical marijuana is used, it is equivalent to a high dose of regular pain killers, as far as pain relief is concerned. On the other hand, when side effects are taken into consideration, medical marijuana does not have any side effects when low doses are used. When the dose is increased, which is rarely the case; there could be minimal side effects like dizziness and headache. There are no serious side effects like those caused by other drugs. There is no damage to any other tissues, organs and systems. This is one of the main reasons for medical marijuana being used for relief of even chronic pain.