Best Crossword Puzzles of UK

Decoding UK’s most favoured Puzzles!

With a short history, Crossword Puzzles are wide spread and quite popular around the globe. Many do not know that the first ever puzzle was created by a journalist, Arthur Wynne, who was from Liverpool. After years of changes, British Puzzles have picked up their own style which is far more complicated than the American versions, and are quite popularly known as Cryptic Puzzles.

First newspaper to publish crossword in Britain was the Times and later the other newspapers followed. Over the years, there are have been a digital shift and the newspapers have started putting up their puzzles online while forming the library of their own. Many among these make these puzzles printable so that the audience can have a more handy take at solving.

With years to its existence, the Crossword Puzzles have their own dedicated audience and each newspaper has their own set of dedicated solvers. Let’s see what makes them unique:

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Considered to be the most ideal puzzle to start with, The Telegraph’s clues are quite basic with 90% or so consisting of either a definition to the answer or manipulation of letters. It can give you a steady hand at facing the more difficult ones. It has many setter and maintain anonymity about them.

The Telegraph puts out three new prized puzzles every Monday. If you successfully finish that then you get a chance to be a win the weekly and monthly draw.  Also it has a Leadership board so you can have a friendly match and know your standing.

The Times puts up a cryptic crossword 6 days a week, i.e Monday to Saturday, Saturday being the prized crossword. Along with it, the Saturday edition of The Times Puzzles also has a Prize Jumbo cryptic which is exactly like the daily one, only with a bigger grid of 23×23.

With a tradition of anonymity, the setter of the crosswords are not revealed. All the puzzles are available online with a subscription service called the Times Crossword Club that can give you an access to more than 9000 puzzles along with other benefits.

With many setters and no anonymity, The Guardian’s crossword puzzle ranges from easy to hard. The Monday puzzles are the easiest. Unlike other newspapers, The Guardian has an open online source for all the crossword puzzles with their solutions, which means that you don’t need to subscribe to anything to solve these crossword puzzles online.

The daily crosswords of the Financial Times are definitely not everybody’s cup of tea. These crossword puzzles have the difficulty range of medium to high. It has many setters and all are named. All the puzzles are available online with all the solutions and no sort of subscription.

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